Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Once upon a time

Once upon a time, there was a family that decided they needed a dog. 

This family did not have a dog, and Dad was not an animal, clearly, just any dog would not do. The quest began to find the perfect dog for this family.  A dog that would be easy to train.  Not really hyper.  Would not jump all over you, would not bark all the time. 

Being a homeschool family, naturally the kids began researching different breeds of dogs and compared and contrasted different characteristics, traits, and temperaments.

A very large list of breeds to consider was drawn up, and then, one by one breeds were crossed off.

The family read more about dogs then they had ever before, and learned much about different dog breed needs and also learned more about dog needs and behavior then they had ever dreamed existed.

Some breeds were crossed off the list because they had exercise/work needs beyond the family's ability to provide.  They learned that to avoid having a dog destroy the backyard and dig, jump, bark...that they would need to provide hours of exercise to keep the dog from being bored. They learned that some breeds needed more hours of minimum exercise, and some much, much less.  They learned that dogs are pack animals, and that to just stick a puppy out alone in the backyard or garage alone- would be cruel, depriving them of the safety and social comfort of the pack.  They had never considered that thought before. 

The kids kept coming up with exotic breeds. The parents had to point out that exotic also meant rare, and that the dogs would then be expensive and would have to be shipped on an airplane.  Mom thought this would be cruel.  So, added to the list were not too costly and nearby. 

Basset Hounds and Beagles were considered- but crossed off because of the baying and possible stubborness, and the trait of running off.  Greyhound rescues were considered, but decided against because of their instinct to chase. The cat and hens would not be pleased.  Labrador was high on the list, but mom remembered the jumping/ drooling and general frantic excitement of a family pet from childhood.  Mom kind of favored standard poodles, but Dad wasn't quite sure he could go there.

The family finally brought home a Labradoodle.  She was named Emma and deemed practically perfect in every way.